We have reached our capacity for all categories for the Shifen Trail. 目前所有組別都已到達我們名額上限! We will also not have any late entries available for any event category on the event day.

The registrations for this event have been exceptional and we have reached out manageable capacity. 同時我們也不會再有任何組別的晚鳥報名!謝謝大家的支持,為了給大家最好的活動體驗,還請大家多多見諒!

Thank you to everyone who will be joining us for the first edition of this event! 感謝所有已經報名或想報名我們第一場活動的夥伴們!

For those who weren't able to sign-up, we look forward to hosting you at our next event. 對於那些來不及報名的夥伴,我們非常抱歉! 期待與你在下一場活動相見。

Included in your Entry 活動報名費包含 

- T-Shirt – Valid for only those who sign up before the shirt cut-off date. Register on or before January 27, 2023 to guarantee an event shirt
- Cool looking event medal
- Awesome trails that you don’t usually get to run/hike
- Excellent volunteer support
- Professionally managed event
- Shower and toilet facilities
- Fantastic pre and post-race vibe
- A free Tilted Shack beer after the race/walk (Participants 18 years and older ONLY)
- Tasty post-race/hike food, snacks and drinks
- Fully stocked Aid Stations
- AED/First Aid support
- Prizes for top finishers
- Lucky draw prizes
- Free photo downloads post-event

- 活動衣服,只有提供給在2023年1月27號前完成報名的夥伴
- 外觀酷炫的獎牌
- 你通常不會有機會體驗的山徑
- 賽道中志工的支持
- 專業賽事管理的團隊
- 淋浴及廁所設備
- 賽跑/競走後免費贈送 Tilted Shack 啤酒  (參與者 18 歲及以上)
- 你沒體驗過的賽前與賽後活動氛圍
- 美味的賽後餐點與途中的相關補給
- 物資充足的援助站 賽道中AED /急救的支持
- 優勝者的獎勵
- 獎品抽獎
- 活動後免費下載照片

Event t-shirt sample 活動賽事衣服

Event t-shirt sizes - Please make sure to measure your body accordingly, before selecting a size. We can unfortunately not return/change sizes once orders have been placed. 


Watch This Space

Race medal sample 比賽獎牌樣本

These are just artist illustrations or designs. The actual product might look different from the picture. 這些只是用軟體模擬與設計的出版! 實際做出來的效果可能還是會要差別!

Race entry does not include the following 本次活動報名費不包含

- Accommodation 住宿
- Transportation 交通
- Personal medical and nutritional requirements 個人的醫藥服務
- Basic medical support is offered for emergencies but excludes helicopter evacuation, or any hospitalization transport, which will be for the participant’s cost. 緊急情況提供基本醫療支助,但不包括直升機後送或任何住院運輸,這將由參加者自費。

Category Prizes 各組別獎項

Prizes will be awarded to 獎項將頒發給

前三名男子組 Top 3 male finishers in each race category - 27km / 17km / 11km / 6km

前三名女子組 Top 3 female finishers in each race category - 27km / 17km / 11km / 6km

前兩名6km親子組 Top 2 Parent-Child finishers in the 6km race category. 

The 6km hike group doesn’t have any top finisher prizes. This is not a race, but an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature during the event.



Once successful payment is received on Accupass, a confirmation email is generated and emailed to the registered participant.

We use Accupass for registrations only, we don't require any participant to show us any paper tickets, e-tickets or QR tickets to gain access on the event day.

These functions are built-in automatically into the registration system, and isn't a requirement to attend our events.

在ACCUPASS 完成付款後,系統將發送報名完成確認信到你Email.

我們僅使用ACCUPASS 做為報名,活動當日不需要提供給我們報名紙本或QR 碼給我們!

這個功能是ACCUPASS 他們報名系統自動產生的!不做為我們活動入場的要求。