​Safety Considerations 安全注意事項​

As a Shifen Trail participant, you are responsible for yourself and should know the rules and regulations of the event. You need to be able to clearly evaluate your mental and physical abilities. You need to be sufficiently trained and keep all the necessary equipment with you. Participants should be able to complete their registered category in a semi-autonomous manner in terms of food, drink, clothing and safety. This requires an ability to adapt and face expected or unexpected problems (darkness, bad weather, physical ailments, injury, etc.).

The Event takes place on extremely rugged, single-track hiking trails. Running/hiking on such trails comes with inherent risks that Participants accept upon entering the event. Participants will be in remote areas where help is not always nearby for extended periods and need to be prepared accordingly in cases of emergency. 

In addition to trail conditions, other potential dangers include but are not limited to wet/slippery trail conditions (mud, roots and rocks), wet/slippery boardwalks and bridges, bees/bee stings, road crossings and steep drop-offs/cliffs. Caution must be taken with regard to personal safety. 

作為Shifen Trail的參賽者,你要對自己負責,並且要了解活動的規則和規定。你需要能夠清楚地評估自己的精神和身體能力。你需要接受充分的訓練,並隨身攜帶所有必要的裝備。參賽者應能以半自主的方式完成補給食物、飲料、衣服與相關安全措施。這需要能有適應和面對預期或意想不到的問題的能力(黑暗、壞天氣、身體疾病、受傷等)。




Check out their FB page for more info on their group.
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Course Markings 沿路的路線標記

Only follow the event signs / orange ribbons / white chalk in the trees, paths, or trails. No other markings should be followed. Turns will also be marked with these ribbons and directional signage. The wrong way will be indicated with hazard or warning tape.

While utmost care will be taken to mark and marshal the route, the responsibility for following the official route lies with the participant.

Course sweepers are following behind the last participant and removing the route markers. If you are towards the back of the race, make sure you do not step off the course and let the sweepers overtake you as the markers will then be removed and you may not be able to follow the course.




Sweepers 賽事掃吧

The trail sweepers will be shortly behind the last runner on the trail. The sweepers are there to make sure that nobody is left behind / hurt on the trail, pick up course markings and pickup any garbage left on the trail.


Waivers and Medical Consent Forms

Registrations are only complete once the event waivers, medical consent forms and parent/guardian consent forms have been completed and submitted to Venture Treks. Event participation is only accepted and complete based on the submission and approval of these forms. Formal acceptance will be received once these documents have been evaluated. 

只有向Venture Treks提交了活動之權利棄權書和醫療同意書與監護人同意書(未成年者)後,報名才算完成。只有在提交和批准這些表格的基礎上,才能接受並完成活動的參與。一旦這些文件經過評估,將正式受理。

Insurance 保險

The organizer, Venture Treks, has taken out limited Accidental Injury Coverage for this event. We recommend that you arrange your own personal accident insurance, ambulance cover and income protection insurance before participating in the Event to cover any unforeseen personal costs you may incur due to ambulance trips, medical expenses or time off work, due to injuries sustained whilst participating in the Event. International participants should take out travel insurance that provides cover for trail running events.

主辦方Venture Treks為此次活動購買了有限的意外傷害保險。我們建議您在參加活動前自行安排個人意外事故保險、救護車保險和收入保障保險,以支付您可能因參加活動期間受傷而產生的意外個人費用,包括救護車費用、醫療費用或休假時間。國際選手應購買越野跑項目的旅行保險。